School in Treguine Refugee Camp, eastern Chad. Children celebrate arrival of Headway English textbooks in Bredjing Refugee Camp, eastern Chad. Ladies' class studying new English textbooks at a home in Treguine Refugee Camp, eastern Chad.
Map showing location of refugee camps in eastern Chad, bordering Darfur.
Build a libraryMore than 60,000 Darfuris live in the Bredjing, Treguine, and Gaga refugee camps. They have massive educational, mental health, and occupational needs that books can address. Help us build brick libraries in each camp, with 5,000 books targeted to these specific needs.
Cost for each library (estimated):
Brick building (49' x 23')$9,598
10 tables$480
80 chairs$1,536
5,000 books$14,400
12 locking metal cupboards$5,760
Books will be sourced locally, where possible, to best match the refugees' needs and reduce shipping costs.
Textbooks for English classesLearning English is viewed as a “road to freedom” by the refugees, so they organized their own English classes, even though they had only a few decades-old textbooks and barely the resources (including bars of soap) to pay their teachers. Help us support their dreams by supplying the renowned Headway English course.
Only $4-$5 per textbook, thanks to an 85% off discount from Oxford University Press!
With the publisher's help and discounted shipping from Air France, we have already sent 540 English textbooks to the camps. 1,100 Darfuris are now studying with these books, shown at left. Learning English means a chance to attend college, a way out of the camps.
Textbooks for primary schoolsThere are 20,000 students in the Bredjing, Treguine, and Gaga refugee camps, but the advance of thousands through primary school is threatened by a textbook shortage. In some classrooms, only the teacher has a textbook! Amazingly, the students are still going to school, but our partner CORD, who runs the education programs for UNHCR and UNICEF, is concerned they will become discouraged and drop out.
Only $9 per textbook to directly improve the lives of refugee children (about 50% are girls).
The textbooks are part of the official Sudanese curriculum, geared towards the Sudanese graduation exams. Since they will be transported at personal risk from Sudan, we need to raise enough money to purchase at least 750 at a time.
Thanks for sharing! Please help spread the idea of donating $1 per book received this holiday season. It won't take many participants to have a big impact on the refugees' lives.
Where needed mostIf you choose “where needed most,” Book Wish Foundation will spend your donation to have the greatest impact on reading in the refugee camps, based on the needs at the time. For example, if we have raised 98% of the funding for a library, or if we are 50 primary school textbooks short of the minimum bulk order, we will probably use your donation to help us reach those goals. Or, we might apply your donation to other reading-related needs in the camps, such as reading glasses or solar lighting.
Nothing will go to salary (we are staffed entirely by volunteers) or other overhead costs.
Grant a Book Wish of a Darfur refugee in Chad.  Donations will be used in the Bredjing, Treguine, or Gaga refugee camp.